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Elizabeth I


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Living… in England, circa 1585. Most of Europe has yielded to the powerful Spanish empire and its ruler, the devoutly Catholic Prince Philip. Seeing Protestant England as a threat, he declares war. As a result, Elizabeth faces constant peril as England’s queen.

Profession... queen of England, for now. Prince Philip is determined to vanquish England and dethrone Elizabeth. Mary, Queen of Scots, conspires against her as well. Sir Francis Walsingham, a trusted advisor, urges her to take action and solidify her position. Undaunted by the threats, Elizabeth worries about preserving the country rather than her own position – and life.

Interests… gossiping with her ladies-in-waiting. Her favorite is Bess Throckmorton, a cheery and loyal young woman who admires Elizabeth’s wit and spirit.

Relationship Status... unmarried. Rumors are spreading like wildfire around England. Bishops preach that God is showing his displeasure because the Queen remains unwed. Others suggest that she is infertile. Although Elizabeth dismisses the claims as nonsense, Walsingham knows that it’s “dangerous nonsense.” The Queen will continue to teeter in her precarious position until she marries and produces an heir.

Challenge… protecting England. With Spain speaking openly of Mary as Queen, Elizabeth is in more danger than ever. Royal advisors encourage her to treat every Catholic in England as a potential threat, but Elizabeth chooses to trust her citizens: “I will not punish my people for their beliefs, only their deeds.” Whether or not this confidence is misplaced has yet to be seen.

Personality… fair and clever, Elizabeth is “assured that the people of England love their Queen.” As a result, she strives to earn that love, ruling with a just and firm hand. Will that be enough, however, considering the forces arrayed against her? She certainly wouldn’t be the first monarch to lose her head – literally.

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