Eliza Doolittle
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Eliza Doolittle

My Fair Lady

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About Her

Overview… a humble Cockney girl from the streets who just wants to sell her flowers. When she runs into the phoneticist Henry Higgins and the linguist Colonel Pickering, she becomes the subject of their bet. Higgins must take Eliza in and endeavor to turn her into a proper lady in six months by teaching her to speak well– so well that she could be mistaken for a princess.

Personality… blunt, practical, and responsible. Eliza tends to speak her mind and is not shy about making her opinion known. From a poor background, she makes the best of her situation, putting all her effort into whatever she does, whether it be selling flowers or learning proper pronunciation. While living under Higgins’ care, she even goes so far as to organize his things for him. 

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