Eliot Ness
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Eliot Ness

The Untouchables

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About Him

Grew Up… in Chicago, the town he grew up to serve. His parents were Norwegian immigrants. As the first American generation of the Ness family, Eliot got himself a good education and rose to the ranks among the law enforcers in this great time of need.

Living… during Prohibition. Even Eliot’s own policemen are known to break the law and have a drink or two. But to Ness, “It’s not a question of whether it’s a harmless drink. It may well be. But it’s against the law.” Sadly, it’s not just a harmless drink that makes a lot of Chicago cops crooked. They’re also informing crime boss Al Capone of when and where the sting operations are taking place. Ness has to team up with the veteran cop Jimmy Malone, seemingly one of the few clean ones left, before he has any shot of taking down a big crime boss like Capone.

Profession… Bureau of Prohibition agent within the Treasury Department. He is charged with perhaps the hardest job: nailing Al Capone. He raids cargo and storage units in hopes of finding booze, but often ends up looking like a fool, breaking into shipments of Oriental umbrellas. Slowly, with the help of Malone, Eliot puts together a small team that he can trust not to accept payoffs, a squad that becomes known as the "Untouchables."

Interests… justice, the law, and family. Eliot doesn’t want his compatriots to suffer because they’re helping him take down Capone, but it’s beyond his power. All he can do is try to protect the few good men who pledge to aid him in his chivalrous quest.

Relationship Status… married with children. When Eliot gets closer and closer to taking Capone down, the threats on his wife Catherine and his family become more and more frequent. Eliot fears for their lives, and he will stop at nothing to protect them – but that doesn’t mean he can give up the fight against crime. No, the fight in him is only strengthened. 

Challenge… stopping the flow of alcohol in Chicago. And this means butting heads with the biggest dragon around, Capone. There was never a fiercer opponent, never a man with such control over such a wide area. Eliot has his work cut out for him.

Personality… moral and righteous. Eliot will do good until the day he dies. He follows the book closely. If the law outlaws alcohol, he won’t drink. Eliot is the kind of man who waits at a stop sign even when there are no cars around and no one there to enforce it. Whether that will be enough to topple the powerful and violent Capone, however, remains to be seen.

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