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Elijah Krantz


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About Him

Living… in New York City, with his former girlfriend Hannah Horvath. Elijah moved to New York City after his time at Oberlin College, where he and Hannah dated. After the awkwardness of his coming out to Hannah subsided, he replaced Marnie as her roommate.

Profession… professional pot-stirrer. It’s unclear what he does with most of his days since he seems to be financed by his boyfriends, but Elijah certainly loves to gossip and revel in juicy, salacious details.

Interests... singing. Though it’s more than an interest – he takes it more seriously than life itself. Go ahead and even kind of make fun of his singing voice and see what happens. When Marnie insulted his pipes, he slapped her right in the face. It was more to prove a point than to harm, but still, nobody but Elijah could get away with something like that.

Relationship Status... dating around. Elijah shocked Hannah when he revealed that she was his last heterosexual relationship. He came out after college, and now he dates men of varying quality — mostly jerks who make fun of him for not knowing what “inertia” means. But he doesn’t seem ready for love, so maybe it’s for the best.

Challenge… finding himself and overcoming his worst tendencies. Elijah can be self-involved to the point of alienating others. He wants to solve everything with a pithy remark and uses snark as a shield against the world, but in reality he’s just as lost as his peers. He’s seeking acceptance and self-actualization while trying to be a better person.

Personality… snarky. Elijah can always be counted on for the perfectly timed zinger. He’s likeable, unless you’re on his bad side, in which case he will verbally rip you to shreds. He’s less sensitive than the people around him, but can come through in trying moments with displays of true compassion.

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