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The Book of Eli

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Grew Up… in a lush, verdant world, somewhere in the United States. The world has changed since then, though. He remembers, “People had more than they needed. We had no idea what was precious and what wasn't. We threw away things people kill each other for now.”

Living… some 30 years after a nuclear apocalypse. The world Eli inhabits is a scorched wasteland, plagued by drought, cannibalism, and illiteracy. Eli is travelling west towards the coast. He finds shelter where he can and searches for water as he goes.

Profession… man on a mission. He carries a mysterious book, clearly of great importance to him. In a world where few people read and basic survival is constantly threatened, it is unusual that someone would place such great importance on a book.

Interests… music. Like many people who were alive at the time of the nuclear apocalypse, Eli is blind. He carries with him a portable music device and when he’s relaxing, he likes to sit and put on a few tunes.

Relationship Status… single. Eli is fully dedicated to his mission. Though sex has become a tool or currency in his world, Eli is indifferent to its potential charm or allure. He has one plan: Go west.

Challenge… refilling his water and continuing his journey. He has come to a small town to replenish his supplies. Eli wants to get moving west, but the town’s power-hungry overseer, Carnegie, has other plans for Eli and his book. In order to leave the town, Eli must avoid the threats of bikers, henchmen, and other thugs, and escape with supplies of water and food.

Personality… tough, smart, and rigorously solitary. Eli is a serious man, but not entirely humorless. He has good perspective on the past, and is one of the few remaining good men of the present. He has faith and singularity of purpose: “And then one day I heard this voice... It told me to carry the book west, it told me that a path would be laid out before me, that I'd be led to a place where the book would be safe. It told me I'd be protected, against anyone or anything that tried to stand in my way.” It's a long and difficult journey in a dangerous world, but Eli seems uniquely suited to the task.

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