Eli Navarro
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Eli Navarro

Veronica Mars

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About Him

Grew Up… on the wrong side of the tracks in Neptune, California. Unlike his wealthy peers, Weevil comes from a very poor family.

Living… to protect his grandmother and younger sister. His main goal in life is to make his grandmother proud. However, he often gets in trouble with the law and is even accused of crimes he did not commit. Weevil also considers the members of the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) gang as family, and will do anything for them.

Profession… high school student and potentially involved in illegal activities. It is unclear what Weevil’s gang does, but he sure does make a lot of money. At school, Weevil often misses or skips class, even though graduating is what would make his grandmother the most proud.

Interests… his motorcycle and gang. The PCHers initially perform petty theft and terrorize the 09ers, but later their crimes get serious when they become involved with rival gangs. Weevil wants them to stick to minor crimes, but is often challenged by members who want to make more money. After any crime in town, the police always seek Weevil because of his long rap sheet. His friend Veronica Mars constantly has to clear his name.

Relationship Status… single. Weevil is always making sly comments about Veronica and other girls at school, but it’s clear that he’s largely uninterested in having a girlfriend. Mostly he just flirts and is interested in hooking up.

Challenge… staying out of trouble while still appearing like a badass. Weevil is always in the principal’s office for one reason or another. And if he's not there, Weevil can probably be found at the sheriff’s office.

Personality… tough, loyal, and vindictive. With his family, he’s caring and incredibly protective. With everyone else, including his friends, he’s often mean or rude. For example, despite his friendship with Veronica, Weevil has threatened her multiple times. Deep down, it’s clear that he definitely has a soft side, but it’s impossible for him to show it to anyone without appearing vulnerable. 

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