Eli Gold

Eli Gold

    The Good Wife
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… without much moral guidance, apparently. Eli has little in the way of scruples and tact.

Living… in the Chicago area.

Profession… political consultant. Eli acts as crisis manager and right-hand-man for Peter Florrick, until recently the Cook County State’s Attorney. (Peter’s currently in jail, but in Chicago politics that’s more the price of doing business than a permanent impediment.) Eli’s management style is pragmatic to the point of realpolitik. He is opportunistic, politically astute, and generally unprincipled, and he expects this of others. Eli seems to have genuine respect for Peter, and is eager to please him. When Peter recognizes Eli’s efforts or tells him he’s good at what he does, Eli basks in the approval.

Interests… his clients and himself, not necessarily in that order.

Relationship Status… separated from his wife, Vanessa Gold. They have a daughter, Marissa, who seems to get along well with her parents. Eli has not officially re-entered the dating pool since separating from Vanessa. Of course dating is tricky when one views even personal relationships through the prism of politics. For instance Eli tries to get Peter’s wife, Alicia, to stick with Peter not because it’s good for the Florrick family, but because it’s good for Peter’s political future. Even marriage is a tool.

Challenge… his personal life. Although he is ambitious and often gets what he wants at work, he doesn't seem happy. 

Personality… high-strung, manipulative, unscrupulous, ambitious, and rude. He doesn’t seem to possess much in the way of a private system of morals, or even a private life at all. He cares about image first and foremost, and makes no pretense about playing by a set of rules or ethical guidelines. Alicia once tells him, “You really crossed the line.” Eli pauses and asks, “Which one?”


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