Eli Gemstone

Eli Gemstone

    The Righteous Gemstones
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in his own gated community, just as the Lord intended. The gated community is his means of spreading his gospel. He’s only there part of the year. Most of the time he’s traveling all over the world spreading the gospel. It’s how he’s able to afford all these houses.

Profession... pastor of a megachurch. He used to be your good old-fashioned televangelist and eventually built his megachurch network drawing in tens of thousands of people regularly. He has aggressive business practices, pushing out other churches and taunting his rivals. He just opened a new church in Locust Grove which has only drawn the attention of rival churches with open vendettas against him.

Interests... primarily religious and business oriented. Eli enjoys doing mass baptisms in foreign countries, expanding into other communities, pushing out other churches. His brother-in-law Baby Billy has betrayed him by cherry-picking his own granddaughter from his church so she can perform in Baby Billy’s church instead. Is nothing sacred? Eli had no choice but to cave and let her have the spotlight at his church. He had to save his daughter from aligning herself with a total creep.

Relationship status... widowed. Eli’s wife Aimee-Leigh was a part of his televangelist act, acting as a sort of entertainment component. After she passed away, it was all left up to him.

Challenge... becoming the most successful pastor in the world. He’s got these other churches sitting there like constant thorns in his side. His oldest son is being blackmailed with some incriminating videos, and that situation is quickly becoming violent.

Personality... power-hungry. Eli isn’t above making rash decisions to reassert his power. In the end, he’s something of a hypocrite. He preaches this perfect way of being, and yet he himself is not free from sin. He judges his children for going astray, and yet he seems incapable of walking the righteous path himself.


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