Elend Venture

Elend Venture

Mistborn:The Final Empire

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About Him

Grew up… rich, as a member of the noble Venture family. However, money can't buy happiness, and despite being the heir to the family’s fortune, Elend and his father don't care much for each other. Elend despises his father’s way of doing things – especially his idea to beat a younger Elend to find out if he had magic powers. He didn’t.

Living… in Luthadel, the capital city. Elend spends his time annoying his father, reading, and secretly meeting with a group of young noblemen who want to change the political system. The Lord Ruler rules over a tyrannical, oppressive government, and Elend would especially like to see a democracy in its place.

Profession… nobleman, but he’s not very good at it. Elend's completely unrepentant about it, though, bringing books to balls when he comes at all. When newcomer Vin asks him about it, he just tells her, “My behavior is… deplorable. Unfortunately, I'm quite prone to such bouts of deplorability. Take for instance, my fondness for reading books at the dinner table.”

Interests… philosophy and politics. Elend spends all his time reading, but it's not poetry he's interested in. Rather, Elend’s dedicated to the idea of building a more egalitarian society, and he hopes to find some good ideas from his books. He’ll have to run that idea by the tyrant Lord Ruler, of course, but why think that far ahead?

Relationship Status… single. He has yet to meet a noblewoman who interests him. Vin does, though, and she doesn’t seem interested in just his title, so perhaps Elend has finally found someone he could love.

Challenge… putting his idealistic dreams into action. Elend has always wanted to change the world. But when Vin offers him a chance to actually do it, will he be able to come out of the library and put his money where his mouth is?

Personality… sarcastic, idealistic, and intelligent. Elend constantly disappoints his father, getting into scrapes and flouting etiquette, but Elend doesn't mind; he sees Lord Straff Ventire as nothing more than an emotionless and harsh man. A true scholar, Elend enjoys talking about lofty ideals and political theory, but it remains to be seen whether he has the fortitude to make his dreams a reality.

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