Eleanor Prentiss Shaw
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Eleanor Prentiss Shaw

The Manchurian Candidate

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About Her

Grew Up… in an influential family. Senator Shaw, who grew up with power, believes that she deserves to wield influence on how United States goes into the tumultuous twenty-first century.

Living… in Washington D.C., in the corridors of power. Senator Shaw knows that she lives in uncertain times. The United States not only faces the threat of terror, but the threat from “covert alliances of disaffected nations.”

Profession… U.S. Senator. Eleanor Shaw sees the future of the country in her hands, and she “will do whatever is necessary to protect America from anyone who opposes her,” even if it means manipulating her own son, Congressmen Raymond Shaw.

Interests… aiding her son, gaining power, and keeping the United States out of the hands of soft-hearted liberals, like her rival, Senator Tom Jordan. As the war on terror reaches a fever pitch, Eleanor seems to be the only one who understands the danger of their times. As she tells her fellow senators, “We are on the brink of another cataclysm, probably nuclear, on our own soil!”

Challenge… executing her plan to take control of America. With the help of Manchurian Global, an international weapons manufacturer, Eleanor finds herself a heartbeat away from the highest political office on Earth.

Personality… ruthless, bellicose, but well intended. Although she may come off as simply a power-thirsty tyrant, all of Eleanor's actions come from her concern for her country and her hopes for her son. People might get hurt, yes, but as Eleanor puts it, "I believe in the future. And people who do are the ones who make history instead of just sitting around watching it.”

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