El Diablo

El Diablo

    Suicide Squad
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in solitary confinement at Belle Reve PenitentiaryBorn with the ability to create and manipulate fire, El Diablo (a.k.a. Chato Santana) was once a formidable criminal. But he offered himself up to the police after one of his more violent outbursts. Since stirring up trouble in the prison yard with his fire powers, El Diablo has been moved to a private cell that can easily be flooded with water if he acts up.  

Profession... criminal and reluctant Task Force member.  Before his arrest, El Diablo made his living as a gang member. But he’s recently adopted a philosophy of passivism. That proves to be a problem when he’s recruited by intelligence operative Amanda Waller for her Task Force X, a “suicide squad” of supervillains who can take down superhuman threats. Unfortunately, Diablo doesn’t have a choice as to whether he joins the task force. Waller implants a bomb in his neck that will explode if he disobeys orders.   

Interests... manipulating fire. Although El Diablo has sworn off using his powers for destructive means, he still enjoys using his abilities in more creative ways. He can form shapes, figures, and even spell out words with flames.  

Relationship Status... widowed. El Diablo lost his wife and kids in a tragic accident that haunts him to this day.  

Challenge... finding his place on the Suicide Squad. While none of the members of Task Force X are thrilled to be on the team, El Diablo is the only one with a strict moral code against using his powers. But as he grows fond of the ragtag team, he must decide whether or not to unleash his darker side in order to help them.   

Personality...  soft spoken and reserved, with a fiery temper.  Despite his intimidating appearance, El Diablo is inherently kind and empathetic. Unfortunately, he also struggles to control his temper and he can lash out in devastating, destructive ways. A tragic mistake in his past has made Diablo stoic and reclusive, and he generally prefers to be left alone. 


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