Einar Wegener/Lili Elbe
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Einar Wegener/Lili Elbe

The Danish Girl

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About Her

Living... as a successful artist in 1920s Copenhagen. Einar and his wife Gerda live and work in their bohemian studio home. 

Profession... celebrated landscape artist. Einar is the toast of Copenhagen and his work is regularly exhibited at galleries around the city.  

Interests... painting, playing with his beloved Jack Russell terrier, Teddy, and covertly appreciating women’s fashion.  

Relationship Status... happily married. Einar and Gerda have a true partnership in every sense of the word and they’re touted as an ideal couple amongst their friends. Initially, their only problem is Gerda’s struggle to get pregnant.  

Challenge... coming to terms with his identity. After posing in women’s clothing for one of Gerda’s painting, the two craft his female alter ego named Lili. But as Einar spends more and more time in public as Lili, he slowly begins to realize that she is more than just a game; she’s actually his authentic self. As he puts it, “Every morning I promise myself that I’ll spend the entire day as a man. But I think Lili’s thoughts, I dream her dreams. She’s always there.” Unfortunately, the world isn’t so ready to accept Lili. The medical professionals she speaks to want to pump her with harsh chemicals or lock her away.  

Personality... artistic, gentle, and thoughtful. Lili is a distinct persona from Einar and the two have very different temperaments; while Einar is confident and charming, Lili is more timid, sensitive, and soulful. Yet Lili also radiates joy at being able to finally embrace her true femininity. Though she realizes her identity shift may be difficult for people—especially Gerda—to accept, she ultimately decides she can’t hide who she is any longer.

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