Eggsy Unwin

Eggsy Unwin

    Kingsman: The Secret Service
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... with his mum, baby half-sister, and abusive stepfather in a small apartment in South London. His family isn’t very well off, and the housing estate where they live is not exactly in the best neighborhood. He and his stepfather butt heads, which makes their home life the opposite of peaceful. Instead, Eggsy spends most of his time wandering the streets with his friends and getting into fights.

Profession... unemployed. After dropping out of the training for the Royal Marines despite his intellect and competency, Eggsy leads an aimless life of petty crimes. But when he steals a car and subsequently gets arrested, he calls in a favor from his late father’s colleague, Harry Hart. Harry introduces Eggsy to the world of the secret intelligence agency, Kingsman, and wants him to compete for the new opening at the agency. Now, Eggsy has the chance to show his potential and find meaning in his life.

Interests...  parkour, dogs, and sleights of hand.  There aren’t many diversions for street kids outside of pubs and petty crimes. So Eggsy gets his fun by practicing parkour and sleight-of-hand tricks.

Relationship Status... single. The life of a secret agent trainee is not exactly conducive for a flourishing love life, but Eggsy has struck up a friendship with fellow trainee, Roxy. Maybe once they’re no longer competing for the same job, their relationship could develop.

Challenge... passing the interview and getting the job. However, this is no normal interview. In the words of his new training coordinator, Merlin: “You are about to embark on the most dangerous job interview in the world.” Success means joining Kingsman, and failure could mean death.

Personality... cheeky, smart, and loyal. Although he’s always getting into trouble, Eggsy cares deeply about his friends and family and would give his life for them. The other trainees often underestimate him because of his street-kid background, but Eggsy is more than smart and capable enough to compete against his more posh rivals – and maybe even win.  


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