Edward R. Murrow
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Edward R. Murrow

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Overview... news broadcasting legend. Murrow was at his peak during U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy’s witch hunt for communists in the government, which presents Murrow with a double-edged sword. He could speak out against McCarthy’s fear-mongering and black-listing, and thus risk being black-listed himself, or he could simply sit by and wait for the brewing Cold War to pass. Luckily for the citizens of America, Edward R. Murrow isn’t the kind of person to shy away from a difficult subject.

Personality… gutsy, slick, and a man of integrity. Murrow reports news stories with his signature no-nonsense tone, and keeps his voice dry even when he’s lampooning a corrupt system. That enables him to retain his dignity and avoid the sensationalism of “yellow journalism,” while informing the public. He would barely recognize the many cable-news screamers of today.

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