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Edward Lewis

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About Him

Grew Up... in a wealthy family, but when his father divorced his mother to marry another woman, he took his money with him. So Edward went to public school and then college on a scholarship.

Living... in New York. He used to live with his girlfriend, but she moved out recently.

Visiting... Los Angeles. He's looking at industrial property along the Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Profession... leverage buyout executive. He buys assets and then breaks them up to sell separately — usually for a big profit. His father was chairman of the board of the third company he ever went after. He acquired that company and sold off the pieces. One of the pieces was his father.

Interests... going to the opera, polo matches, and traveling on his private jet. It’s a real tough life.

Relationship Status... single. After his recent breakup, he didn’t want to get into a complicated relationship again. So he picked up Vivian, a hooker he saw on Hollywood Boulevard. He hired her for $3000 to stay with him for a week at the Regent Beverly Wilshire as his "niece." He's never met anyone quite like Vivian. She makes him laugh, and she's warm, witty, and down to earth. He says they have something else in common, too: “You and I are such similar creatures Vivian. We both screw people for money.”

Challenge... figuring out how he feels about Vivian. Though at first he was resigned to just using her for some company, Edward is learning more about Vivian and how kind, smart, and funny she is. Unfortunately, his friends don't understand his relationship with Vivian. His business associate Stuckey even thinks she may be part of a corporate espionage plot to sabotage the $50 million deal they're working on together.

Personality... ambitious. To outsiders, Edward seems as if he has achieved it all, but he doesn't feel that way. His life is getting a bit dull, but picking Vivian up on the street is changing things way more than he bargained for.

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