Edward Kenway

Edward Kenway

    Assassin's Creed Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Swansea, Wales, with his parents Bernard Kenway and Linette Hopkins. His parents moved them to a farm, which Edward despised at a young age. When he became older, Edward traded his life as a farm boy for one on the ocean, sailing around as a privateer – and a pirate.

Living… on the open seas. Edward was a member of the British Royal Navy stationed in the West Indies before he gave up his noble life and became a pirate.

Visiting… Havana. Edward just recently ended up in the merchant port after getting shipwrecked and stealing a ship with a merchant under the promise that he’d be paid for the safe passage of the merchant to Havana. However, when he was shipwrecked on an island, he also discovered the robes of the ancient Assassin Order, which he has no idea that he’s actually connected to.

Profession… privateer turned Assassin. Edward has always been a man who seeks his profit wherever he can find it. Under the disguise of the Assassin, Edward is now caught up in a Templar conspiracy that seems to go back hundreds of years. Though he really has no clue what’s going on, the promise of power and wealth is enough to draw him into the conflict.

Relationship Status… single. When Edward lived his quiet farm life, he had a child with his wife, Caroline Scott, but his itch for a life of adventure led to their separation. Since then, he’s been living a bachelor’s life out on the sea, and doesn’t seem to have any interest in getting tied down again.

Challenge… figuring out the conspiracy going on between the elite Templar forces within the British and Spanish empires. Although the nations claim to be on a mission to eradicate piracy from the Caribbean, Edward has discovered that their motives are actually more sinister. The Templars are obsessed with finding a place called the Observatory, where a powerful and ancient artifact is allegedly contained. Edward figures if they want it that badly, it must be profitable, so he hopes to get there first.

Personality… reckless and greedy, but good-natured. Although the self-centered Edward spent most of his life seeking his fortune and stealing power however he could, he’s learning that his ancient ancestry comes with a noble burden. Though his brash and impulsive behavior gets him into sticky situations, he does what he can to help those less fortunate than him.


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