Edward Cole
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Edward Cole

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Overview… a rich man quickly learning that money can’t buy everything. Healthcare magnate Edward Cole was living the good life, enjoying absurdly expensive coffee and being boisterous in boardroom meetings – until one day when he begins to cough up blood. In an ironic twist of fate, Edward ends up being treated for cancer in the same hospital where he had recently cut costs to maximize profit. Forced to share a room due to his own hospital policy, Edward meets fellow cancer patient Carter Chambers. The two strike up a friendship that takes them on new unexpected adventures.

Personality… bold and pampered. Edward has very strong preferences and a tendency towards the exotic. He has enough money to do whatever he wants, but his brash attitude tends to put him at odds with other people. His wild character is actually a defense to cover the insecurities that money cannot fix. Finding a gentle friend in Carter can round out some of Edward’s rough edges, but he still has the knack for speaking his mind even when it isn’t welcome.

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