Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca

Eduardo "Lalo" Salamanca

    Better Call Saul

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in one of the most notorious families south of the border. A family of drug kingpins, the Salamancas are known for their ruthlessness, a reputation that Lalo upholds more than sufficiently. He carries with him an acute awareness of the reputation that he represents and understands the fear and respect that he commands as a result.

Visiting… his business associates up north. Long distance can be hard, and sometimes the Salamancas want to make sure that everything is running smoothly up and down their supply chain. Leave it to Lalo and his incredible attention to detail to work out any kinks. His very presence in Albuquerque dramatically alters the dynamics within the local inner circle.

Profession… working for the family business. Lalo was raised knowing one day he would enforce and protect the drug empire that his family built. Now he has taken over just that role, and seems to enjoy it thoroughly, always in a bright mood even while performing some of the nastiest of deeds.

Interests… playing late-night poker. With a natural knack for manipulation and mind games it is only fitting that Lalo would continue to hone his skills even in his free time. And with a mind that stays sharp day and night of course he dominates his opponents.

Relationship status… single. Cruel and manipulative, it is hard to imagine Lalo ever being in a stable relationship.

Challenge… sniffing out any disloyal activity in the operation. The Salamancas are suspicious that some things are slipping under the radar. Perceptive, cunning, and loyal, Lalo is the clear choice for the job.

Personality… friendly and lighthearted on the outside, yet intimidating, nonetheless. You’ll hardly ever see Lalo without a smug smile on his face—that is, at least, when he knows he’s in control. When things do not go his way, his demeanor flips entirely, as he transforms into an intense and ruthless figure with a killer instinct.


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