Edmund Bertram

Edmund Bertram

Mansfield Park

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About Him

Overview... the kind soul in a selfish family. The youngest son of the wealthy Bertrams, Edmund values intelligence, kindness, and compassion far more than his parents or siblings. For instance, although the family brings their young relative Fanny Price into their Mansfield Park home, Edmund is the only one who treats her like a close friend and not an outcast. Because of their similar dispositions, the two grow up as best friends – a relationship Fanny cherishes but Edmund takes for granted.

Personality... gentle, intellectual, principled, and occasionally foolhardy. Edmund has a generous, caring spirit and he craves only a simple life as a clergyman. But although he strives to be thoughtful and moral, he’s not immune to flights of fancy. When he falls for a wealthy, worldly woman named Mary, he’s immediately blinded to her faults and to the pain it causes Fanny.

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