Edith Piaf
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Edith Piaf

La Vie En Rose

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Grew Up… in a bordello in Normandy, after being abandoned by her parents. Édith came of age with the sophisticated and jaded working girls in the camp, who loved and cared for the young girl.

Living… in Paris, the city that inspired her to sing with such passion. Édith thrives on the city of light just as much as the city itself thrives on her beautiful voice. One fan describes Édith’s voice as “the soul of Paris.”

Profession… singer. Édith began singing on the streets of Paris in order to earn money for food and wine. After being discovered by the club owner Louis Leplée, she began to earn a real living and make a reputation for herself.

Interests… fun, nightlife, and partying. Édith has spent her life in a state of distraction; she’s always turned to booze, parties, and social life to improve her mood. Though, after taking up the addictive drug morphine, she seems to have gone a bit too far.

Relationship Status… in love with famous French boxer, Marcel Cerden. Although she learns he is married, she confesses to him that, “You are my champion. I want you to be mine for life. Nothing existed before you. It’s all gone.”

Challenge… becoming a successful singer while both overcoming her morphine addiction and a crippling heartbreak. A life of indescribable hardships have left Édith emotionally and physically crippled. Though, despite her handicaps, she always insists on taking the stage.

Personality… depressed and lonely. Her troubled childhood, additions, and fame have taken a toll on Édith. She doesn’t know who to trust and feels lost. Nevertheless, she wants to believe in happier things. When she was asked by a journalist about what advice she would give to a woman, she simply answered “love.”

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