Edith Cushing

Edith Cushing

    Crimson Peak
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... the dreamy daughter of wealthy businessman Carter CushingEver since encountering her mother's ghost as a child, Edith has been fascinated by the supernatural and hopes to be an author of ghost stories. So far, her efforts have been met with nothing but rejection and disdain. When mysterious, handsome Thomas Sharpe expresses an interest in both Edith and her work, it isn't long before she falls for the English baronet. 

Personality... curious, creative, and kind. Among the upper-crust of Buffalo, New York, Edith is a bit of an oddball for preferring books over balls. She's curious about the world, ready to explore new places and ask questions about the unknown. But for all her intelligence, Edith is still very young, and her trusting nature makes her easy prey for those with less than kind intentions. 


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