Edith Crawley
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Edith Crawley

Downton Abbey

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Living…with her father, mother, and two sisters in Downton, Yorkshire. The Crawleys reside in a stately manor located near the outskirts of the village. Due to the family’s aristocratic heritage and wealth, Edith enjoys a life of luxury.

Profession…unemployed, but that is not to say she doesn’t have her fair share of duties. As the daughter of a respected noble family, Edith must behave like a perfect lady. That can be pretty difficult with Mary Crawley as a sister. The two of them fight viciously on a regular basis.  

Interests…snooping through Mary’s belongings. Edith isn’t averse to a bit of secretive rummaging if it means she can find out what her sister gets up to. Unfortunately, she has yet to stumble across something that can truly damage Mary’s reputation.  

Relationship Status…single. Edith loved Patrick Crawley, their distant relative who was set to inherit the estate, until the day he passed away while sailing on the Titanic. She still laments the fact that Patrick was engaged to Mary instead: “Yes, I’d have taken him. If you had given me the chance, I’d have taken him like a shot.”

Challenge…stepping out of her older sister’s shadow. Mary Crawley is beautiful, charming, and extremely desirable. Edith is… well, Edith is less so. As a result, she often feels overlooked and underappreciated. Edith will do almost anything to escape those feelings, even if it isn’t strictly ethical.

Personality…well-intentioned, but jealous and competitive, Edith is the classic middle-child. She isn’t alluring as Mary and she isn’t as spirited as Sybil, so she is often ignored. Still, Edith is determined to make a name for herself. If only Mary wasn’t always getting in the way…

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