Edith Bunker
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Edith Bunker

All in the Family

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About Her

Living... in early 1970s Queens with her husband Archie, their daughter Gloria, and Gloria’s husband Mike. It’s a loud house as the bigoted Archie is always going toe to toe with his feminist daughter and her long-haired liberal husband, whom Archie calls “Meathead.” Edith is always caught somewhere in the middle.

Profession... housewife and voice of reason in a house often torn apart by political debate. Every day is a battle between Archie and Mike – on everything from race to Nixon to feminism. Edith happily takes on the difficult task of trying to help the two stubborn men see where the other is coming from. 

Interests… helping others, making friends. When Archie refuses to take her out after she buys a new pant suit, she doesn’t hesitate to go out on her own, and make a bunch of friends in just one night. And when she’s not making dinner for Archie or (very occasionally) painting the town red, she picks up a few shifts at a retirement home, helping the elderly. 

Relationship Status... married. Edith is devoted to her husband Archie. They don’t always see eye to eye, but she loves him all the same. She knows that when he’s in trouble, like when a swastika is mistakenly painted on their door, he’ll always look to her for help and respect her opinion. Even if he’s prone to calling her “dingbat.”

Challenge... keeping her family together during a time of political unrest. Meathead, Archie and Gloria are the furthest thing from apathetic during the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War. But Edith refuses to let their political disagreements trump the love they feel deep down for each other.      

Personality... caring, accepting, a real people-pleaser. While her husband finds something to dislike about nearly all races and ethnicities, Edith is completely non-judgmental – even toward her bigoted husband. Edith loves to make new friends; she becomes close with a transgendered woman who makes Archie uncomfortable, but is able to remain supportive to both. She understands Archie’s blue-collar background and loves him unconditionally while nudging him in the direction of acceptance. And if absolutely necessary, Edith will put her foot down, which she does rarely enough that even Archie is forced to pay attention.

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