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Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

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Living… in London’s gritty East End near his semi-criminal friends Bacon, Tom, and Soap. Eddy’s grumpy father owns a local bar and his neighbors are a group of thieves. Yeah, he’s in pretty good company.

Profession... cardshark. Eddy “has been playing cards since he could lift ‘em up” and “he’s good at reading people’s reactions, no matter how subtle.” He and his friends plan on scraping together 100,000 pounds in order to enter local gangster Harry Lonsdale’s weekly game of high-stakes, three-card brag.

Interests... assisting Bacon with his illegal street-vending scheme. In his free time, Eddy helps his friend sell cheap imitation jewelry by acting as a lookout for the police.

Challenge… finding half a million pounds. Eddy has gotten himself into some serious trouble and debt after losing big at Harry Lonsdale’s card game. He and his friends have to pay back the money soon. Otherwise, they’re dead meat.

Personality… sarcastic and arrogant. Eddy’s unshakable confidence in his own card skills makes him an obvious target for a con man like Lonsdale. Harry quickly goads him into over-betting, causing Eddy to lose half a million pounds. Talk about taking a man down a peg or two. It will take everything Eddy and his friends can manage, and likely some luck to boot, for him to climb back up those pegs – or risk being knocked down and out for good.

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