Eddie Valiant
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Eddie Valiant

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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About Him

Grew Up… with his brother Teddy. They grew up in a fun family and had rambunctious and happy times together, well into adulthood. They were even in business together as private detectives, until Teddy was killed when a toon “dropped a piano on his head.” That’s why Eddie can’t stand toons, the living cartoon characters who inhabit Toon Town.

Living… in Hollywood in 1947, doing sleazy private eye jobs for anyone who’ll pay the bills. But R.K. Maroon’s orders to photograph Jessica Rabbit playing patty-cake with Toon Town owner Marvin Acme turns out to be more than just a small spying job – when Acme winds up dead the next day, and toon movie star Roger Rabbit is the main suspect. Eddie Valiant can either get on with his sad drunken life or get to the bottom of this case, and prove Roger Rabbit is as innocent as he insists he is.

Profession… private detective. He used to run a pretty successful business when his brother Teddy was around. Nowadays he’s drunk more often than he’s working. He isn’t above jumping on the back of a bus with the rest of the street kids for a free ride.

Interests… booze, spying, and staying out of sight. He’s no longer interested in most of his previous pastimes. He’s lost most of his friends and gotten rid of any toon friends he once had, ever since a toon killed his brother.

Relationship Status… single. He’s been too bitter since his brother’s death to get involved with anyone seriously. Though he’s long had a soft spot for Dolores, a waitress at a diner.

Challenge… getting to the bottom of this case. It’s tough and complex, with a number of possible suspects, including R.K. Maroon, Jessica Rabbit – Roger’s wife – and maybe even the powerful Judge Doom. But Eddie Valiant still has the skills for the job, and if he can pull himself out of the bottom of a bottle long enough to take a trip into Toon Town, he might just be able to figure this whole thing out.

Personality… reserved and anti-social. He used to be a happy fellow, a fun-loving guy. Now he’s bitter and angry. For example, when Roger playfully plants a wet one on him, Eddie angrily threatens, “Don’t ever kiss me again.” There’s nothing Eddie hates more than a stupid, whining toon. But men (and toons) can change, and maybe Eddie’s experience with Roger will help him live life more.

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