Eddie Thomas
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Eddie Thomas

America's Sweethearts

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About Him

Overview... a movie star on the edge. Thanks to their relationship both on and off-screen, celebrities Eddie Thomas and Gwen Harrison were once known as “America’s sweethearts.” But after catching his wife cheating on him, Eddie had an emotional breakdown that he believes can only be cured with New Age philosophy. Unfortunately, it’s hard to stay zen when a manipulative publicist is trying to get Eddie back together with Gwen to promote their new film.

Personality... neurotic,unstable, and a little self-centered, but a surprisingly decent guy for all that. Eddie quite literally lost it after discovering Gwen’s affair and he’s been struggling to find himself ever since. Though he’s always had the vanity of a movie star, Eddie’s sick of the hollowness of Hollywood and longs for something authentic. The only person he can truly relate to anymore is Kiki Harrison, Gwen’s timid but caring sister.

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