Eddie Simmons
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Eddie Simmons


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About Him

Grew up… too soon. Eddie, who still lives with his mother in Baltimore, is not quite ready for adult life. His upcoming marriage is a source of anxiety.

Living… in the Baltimore of the 1950s on the eve of the famous 1959 Championship Game between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants. Charm City was football crazed back then, and Eddie was always at the center of the action.

Visiting… the local diner almost every night with his friends. Eddie fears the prospect of marriage—he prefers a simple existence joking around with his group of close friends. As he puts it, “If you wanna talk you always got the guys at the diner. You don’t need a girl if you wanna talk.”

Interests… the Baltimore Colts. Eddie’s obsession with his hometown’s football team borders on mania. Prior to his wedding, he devised a special “football quiz” for his fiancé. If she doesn’t pass the test, then the wedding is off.

Relationship Status… engaged, but not too excited about it. Marriage just symbolizes the bleak end of youth for Eddie. He refers to the wedding as “the thing.”

Challenge… growing up and facing adulthood and responsibility. If Eddie had his way, he’d live with his mother and spend every evening playing pool or drinking coffee at the diner with his friends. Life, though, is never that simple.

Personality… immature and jovial. Eddie, underneath his mock-tough-guy exterior, is still a child.

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