Eddie Morra
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Eddie Morra


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Living... in squalor, in a small apartment in New York City. Eddie is trying to finish his novel, but often takes to wandering listlessly through the city. He can barely afford his rent, so he has to dodge his landlord, not to mention his landlord’s badgering wife. But his life changes instantly when he takes NZT-48, a powerful pill that enables him to clean up his life.

Profession... struggling writer. Eddie tells anyone who will listen that he has a book contract, but his unremitting writer’s block threatens his contract as his deadline approaches. Enter NZT-48: after taking the pill, Eddie finishes 90 pages of his book in one night. He also becomes an overnight expert on the stock market, and is swept up as his status rises at an alarming rate.

Interests... everything, at least lately. Just one tablet a day gives Eddie limitless brainpower. With unbridled potential and the ability to learn and recall anything, Eddie’s interests expand as he learns how to play the piano, work the stock market, speak several languages, count cards, and more. He’s gone from being stagnant to being unstoppable. In fact, if he isn’t moving forward, he feels like he’s going to explode.

Relationship Status... complicated. Eddie’s string of failed relationships includes a marriage straight out of college to a woman named Melissa, which lasted for about five minutes. He’s recently found himself in yet another doomed relationship. As Eddie struggled to finish his book, his girlfriend Lindy broke up with him, sick of being his combination cleaning lady/bank. Yet NZT-48 might make their relationship even more complicated...

Challenge... surviving. Eddie’s meteoric rise to power and fortune has made him a lot of enemies. But Eddie quickly discovers that he’s got problems bigger than competition. NZT-48 seemed perfect at first, but now he’s started limping and blacking out – and he only has so many pills. Life’s gotten a lot darker and a lot more violent, and for others who have taken the drug, the results have been even more terrifying. Eddie’s miracle drug may very well turn out to be a curse.

Personality... perceptive, quick, and thrill-seeking. NZT-48 works best for people who are already smart, and Eddie’s the perfect candidate. The pill brings out the best in all of his features: at 100% capacity, he is not only smarter, but also more adventurous, promiscuous, ambitious, and charming. His success has made him dangerously confident: “I don’t have delusions of grandeur; I have an actual recipe for grandeur.” Eddie’s recipe hasn’t failed him once – so long as he’s on the drug.

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