Eddie Mannix
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Eddie Mannix

Hail, Caesar!

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About Him

Overview... officially a Hollywood film executive at Capitol Pictures, but anyone in the know will tell you Eddie is really a “fixer.” That means when one of the studio’s stars gets in trouble, he bails them out and makes sure you never find out about it. An unmarried star gets pregnant? Have her adopt the kid. The biggest star in the biggest movie is mysteriously kidnapped? That one’s going to be a little tougher. 

Personality... unflappable, feared, and confident. When Eddie enters a room, people take notice, because they know he’s had his hands in the dirtiest scandals of the 1940s and is primed to do the same for a new crop of 1950s stars. But guilt is taking its toll on Eddie, who finds himself confessing sins to his priest almost every day. He has problems no fixer can fix.

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