Eddie Jessup
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Eddie Jessup

Altered States

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About Him

Living… as one with his research. Eddie isn’t the kind of professor who experiments exclusively on other people. He dives into his tests headfirst, often using himself as the guinea pig. For Eddie, his research isn’t as much about publication and prowess as it is about personal development. He begins using a flotation tank and engaging in experiments of sensory deprivation, with assistant researchers Parrish and Rosenberg. His experiments continue to become more and more intense as he adds hallucinogenic drugs into the mix.

Profession… professor of “abnormal psychology.” Because of his position and title, Eddie is able to get funding for all kinds of outlandish experiments. He believes whole-heartedly in his theory, though, that “our other states of consciousness are as real as our waking states.” 

Interests… transcending normalcy, proto-consciousness, the study of schizophrenia, LSD, amanita muscaria, anything involving his work.

Relationship Status… married to Emily, a kind of “wonder kid” theorist like himself. Emily becomes increasingly worried about Eddie’s self-experimentation, and wants him to come back to her before he goes too deep down the rabbit hole.

Challenge… coming to new understandings about reality, while maintaining his relationship with humanity and his wife. Eddie is pulled farther and farther from normal consciousness when his experiments begin to alter his waking state of mind. There may be no way to return to his "regular" self.

Personality… dedicated, workaholic, full of integrity. Eddie is the real-deal researcher. He puts his work first and would risk almost anything in the name of his studies. Unfortunately, this means putting his own marriage on the line and risking his wife’s love, something precious and vulnerable.

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