Eddie Felson
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Eddie Felson

The Hustler

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About Him

Living… in Oakland, California. But Eddie travels all around the country with his partner Charlie, hopping from town to town and hustling people.

Profession… pool hustler. It's not an ideal career path, but Eddie knows it well: “This game isn't like football. Nobody pays you for yardage. When you hustle you keep score real simple. The end of the game, you count up your money. That's how you find out who's best.”

Relationship Status… complicated. At a bus stop Eddie meets a young girl named Sarah, who has a big heart despite her troubles with alcohol. She doesn't want him doing what he does anymore, and yet she's the only one who's telling him he’s a winner when everyone else has counted him out. 

Challenge… beating the legendary “Minnesota Fats” once and for all. Eddie wants to prove his hustling skills by taking down one of the top dogs, and he’s willing to do anything to beat him. As he says, “I'm gonna beat him. I'm gonna beat him all night and I'm gonna beat him all day.” 

Personality… slick, ambitious, and cocky. Eddie is so determined to be the best pool hustler that he’s dedicated his whole life to it, as well as his money. Though he has the raw talent, Eddie gets overly confident in his skills which often end up costing him big time. But Eddie’s a thrill-seeker who lives his life dangerously: “When I'm goin' in a game – when I'm really goin' – I feel like a jockey must feel. He's sittin' on his horse, he's got all that speed and that power underneath him, he's comin' into the stretch, the pressure's on him – and he knows, just feels, when to let it go, and how much.” It's that rush that keeps him going.

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