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Ed Wood

Ed Wood

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About Him

Living... in Hollywood. His apartment is filled with posters of movies to inspire him: Dracula (featuring actor Bella Lugosi, who is going to be starring in his latest film) and the Magnificent Ambersons (by his favorite director, Orson Welles). Aside from these posters, there's not much else. For a kitchen, all he's got is an electric burner.

Profession... actor, director, writer, and producer – Ed does it all. But after his box office flops, he is having trouble finding work. Ed promises the next one will be better, but who's going to believe him?

Interests... wearing women's clothes– panties, brassieres, sweaters, pumps. Ed doesn't see it as anything out of the norm; it's just something he does.

Relationship Status... single. Everyone asks Ed if he's gay because of the way he likes to dress, but he's not. He's just a transvestite. As he explains it, “I love women. Wearing their clothes makes me feel closer to them.” But some women he has dated have a hard time with his cross-dressing. They get frustrated when their angora sweaters stretch out after he wears them.

Challenge... raising money for his movies. After the flop that was Glen or Glenda, traditional investors wouldn’t even take his calls. For his latest movie, he had to get the Baptist Church of Beverly Hills to put up the cash. But the money came at a price. They already made him change the title from Grave Robbers from Outer Space to Plan 9 from Outer Space because they thought grave robbing would be too inflammatory. And now they have other objections.

Personality… eccentric. Ed is definitely his own person. If you don’t admire his lace panties, you have to at least admire his passion for life.

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