Ed Warren
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Ed Warren

The Conjuring

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About Him

Living… with his wife and daughter in a quiet suburban home. To a stranger on the street, their home couldn’t look more normal. But, their house contains a vault of haunted and dangerous relics – collected throughout their years as the United States leading paranormal investigators.

Profession… demonologist, exorcist, and leading paranormal expert. Ed Warren tours the country with his wife, Lorraine, giving lectures on the supernatural and investigating claims of otherworldly activity. 

Interests… ghosts, demons, and things that go bump in the night. Ed’s hobbies are tied up in his profession – you don’t get to be the leading expert without putting the hours in. He’s also a devout Catholic, husband, and father. 

Relationship Status… married to Lorraine Warren, who doubles as his partner and medium. The two believe they were put on earth to meet each other and use their talents to make a difference. Despite their joint dedication to combating the paranormal, Ed has recently become wary of bringing Lorraine along with him to investigate disturbances. As a medium, she’s unusually open to the spirit world, which makes it easy for demons to get inside her head. During their last investigation, she was almost killed by a malicious, otherworldly force. She’s an invaluable member of the team, but Ed can’t stand the thought of losing her. 

Challenge… confronting the malevolent spirit haunting the Perron family. The Perrons recently moved into a new house in Connecticut, and begun suffering unexplainable harassment that they attribute to paranormal activity. Desperate to feel safe in their own home, they’ve contacted the Warrens and asked them to help cleanse their house of evil spirits. The Warren’s are determined to help, but are facing one of the most powerful and wicked spirits they’ve ever encountered. 

Personality… personable, calming, and professional. Ed’s level-headed demeanor contradicts most people’s expectations of a paranormal investigator. A passionate man vested with religious conviction, Ed accepts that it’s his destiny to grapple with the forces of Hell. While Ed staunchly believes in the supernatural, he doesn’t see it in every shadow. Most people’s problems have a rational explanation – a broken radiator or creaking floorboard. But in the rare occasion that a person is truly being haunted, there’s no one better for the job than Ed Warren, especially when paired with Lorraine.

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