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About Him

Grew up... in East Texas, with his parents and his brother, Ray. When Ed was 13, his father left them, something he hasn't figured out ever since.

Living... in a New York apartment with a TV crew. There are holes in all the walls with wires running through them so the TV crew can catch every detail of his private life. Recently, one episode featured him clipping his toes.

Profession... reality star. Ed thought it would be better than his previous job working in a video store– he's 31, after all, and he's been working the store for far too long. It was too disheartening to imagine spending the rest of his life rearranging movies.

Interests… relaxing and throwing back a few beers. Not exactly exciting stuff– but hey, people are paying to watch him do it.

Relationship Status... on shaky ground. Ed cares deeply for his girlfriend Shari, but the show is putting too much stress on their relationship. Shari says she doesn't feel safe or secure, and has become distant. It doesn’t help that the TV audience doesn’t approve of their relationship: over 71% of the viewers want Ed to dump her and start dating his brother’s girlfriend.

Challenge... dealing with TV producers who only care about ratings. Although viewers originally thought that he was cool, his positive reviews have decreased significantly. The producers say they're starting to see a big “LF,” which stands for Loser Factor.

Personality... a good ole’ boy. But once he's thrown into the spotlight with cameras on him 24/7, it quickly become clear that Ed has more going for him than it first appears.

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