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Grew Up... in a simpler time. Back then, American values were unquestioned, and making enough money to feed your family and raise your children into good, upstanding citizens wasn’t just the norm – it was the undeniable American dream.

Living… outside of his comfort zone. After his son Charlie’s disappearance following the 1973 Chilean coup, Ed quickly flies down to Chile to search for his son, with the help of Charlie’s wife, Beth. Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to know anything about Charlie’s whereabouts and doesn’t share a pinch of Ed’s classic American values. Her “sloppy idealism” clouds her vision of what’s really happening, in Ed's view anyway, and Ed blames her for encouraging Charlie’s “almost deliberate” naiveté.

Profession… businessman. Ed is good at what he does, and over the years, through pure sweat and toil, he has become quite wealthy. So much so that he even helps support his socialist son whenever he needs money, which is less and less often these days, as Charlie’s idealism becomes too strong for him to borrow money from a capitalist like his father.

Relationship Status… married to Elizabeth, who allows him to go to Chile to find his son without hesitation.

Challenge… finding his son Charlie. When he arrives in Chile, the complexity of the military presence and political upheaval is stickier than Ed had realized or expected. Furthermore, the discovery that the United States has backed this horrible coup is enough to shatter a lot of Ed’s preconceptions about democracy and the American way. First and foremost, though, he will find Charlie, or die trying.

Personality… hard-headed and conservative, but strong for his family. Ed is willing to take big risks especially when the life of his son is on the line. He surprises everyone with the courage he shows by coming to Chile himself and launching his own search-and-rescue mission. Ed proves that above anything else, above money and above America, his family is the most important thing to him.

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