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Ed Gentry


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About Him

Living… in the city, with his wife and children. He doesn't make it out to the country much, not thinking much about the country folk and certain they feel likewise. They think Ed belongs to the "system." Ed thinks the system does just as much good. But try telling them that.

Profession… businessman. Ed and his friends decided to explore the river valley at the Cahulawassee River in Georgia. It's just about the last wild, untamed, unpolluted, undamaged river in the South– well, at least until a newly planned dam will flood the entire area.

Interests… observing the locals. There's some people up here that have never seen a real town before– real genuine "hillbillies," in his words. Ed doesn't know what the protocol is when he meets them. Is he encroaching?  Ed tries to be genuine and kind, but the others give the locals a hard time. That can only end badly.

Relationship Status… in a stable marriage. Ed’s got the typical steady job, nice house, nice wife, and nice kid– he's as married as they come. Plus, his wife is even fine with him going out adventuring with the boys.

Challenge… getting out of this valley alive. The gang needs to pull themselves together and get through this. They’ve seen horrible things, had horrible things done to them, but they can't give up. If he survives, Ed can only hope he’s able to get over this one day. If not, he may end up haunted by this trip for the rest of his life.

Personality… practical, friendly, and now mostly horrified. Ed wanted to turn this trip around as soon as they arrived, but his friends didn’t listen to him. Then, he wanted to treat the locals cautiously, but his friends didn’t listen. Now they’re all screwed, and it’s too late for Ed to do anything about it.

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