Ed Exley
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Ed Exley

L.A. Confidential

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About Him

Grew up… admiring his father, a revered LAPD detective. Ed’s sense of justice and his need to make the world right comes directly from his old man, who was slain by a purse-snatcher. He admits, “All I ever wanted was to measure up to my father.”

Living… in an age of glamour, sin, and seduction. Los Angeles in the early '50s looks nice on the surface, but Ed can see the layer of grime underneath it all. It’s the dirty, violent cops that anger Ed the most.

Profession… sergeant in the LAPD. Ed became a cop to carry on his father’s legacy, and to bring criminals like the one who killed his old man to justice. He explains, “I wanted to catch guys who thought they could get away with it. It’s supposed to be about justice. Then somewhere along the way I lost sight of that…”

Interests… truth and justice – two things that seem to be lacking in the offices of the LAPD recently. Ed hasn’t made many friends in the department after testifying against many of his colleagues in a high-profile police brutality case.

Relationship Status… interested in Lynn Bracken, a seductive prostitute. Ed, though, isn’t the only police officer who is pursuing Bracken. His inter-department rival, the brooding and violent Bud White, also has eyes for Lynn.

Challenge… sniffing out the source of corruption in the department. While investigating a botched robbery-turned-bloodbath called The Night Owl case, Ed becomes convinced that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Personality… strict, passionate, and dedicated. Ed, despite his thirst for justice, is not without his demons. Living in the shadow of his father is as much a burden as it is a guiding light.

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