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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as Caroline Farrell. But as an Active, her entire memory has been erased, and she cannot recall who she really is.

Living… in a secret, underground facility, better known to the ridiculously wealthy as the Los Angeles Dollhouse. It is an eerie combination of spa and laboratory.

Profession… an Active in the Dollhouse. She and the other Actives (who are also called Dolls) are hired for everything from dinner dates to espionage. Echo is a particularly popular Doll among the clientele. Romantic engagements aside, Echo has spent time as a professional hostage negotiator, a popstar’s back-up singer, a midwife, and a blind member of a religious group.

Interests… not her own. Dolls are programmed with specific interests depending on their mission. Before she became a Doll, she cared deeply about human and animal rights, and worked tirelessly as a political activist.

Relationship Status… varies depending on her mission. Although, an enemy of the Dollhouse is quite enamored with her.

Challenge… remembering her past and finding a way to save the Dolls. It’s difficult to make any progress when your mind is wiped clean every few days, but somehow, the mind-erasing technology seems to be growing less and less effective on Echo.

Personality… courageous and ethical. Echo is a leader who cares about doing the right thing, even if it might be incredibly dangerous to herself. When she sees an injustice happening, she can’t help but do everything in her power to stop it.


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