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The Way Way Back

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Living... with his mom mostly since the divorce. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he now has to deal his mom’s new boyfriend Trent. Trent can be hard on him; his jokes sometimes have too much edge. They both want the same thing – respect. Though maybe Duncan would respect Trent more if he treated his mom better.

Visiting... a Cape Cod beach house for the summer. His mom and her boyfriend Trent think it'd be a good way for him to meet kids his own age, which his mom claims he isn’t doing much of at home.  So he doesn’t enter the summer with the best attitude, but the town surpasses all his expectations.

Profession... high school student. This summer he’s earning extra money doing odd jobs at Water Wizz Waterpark. Built in the summer of ‘83, it’s the last bastion of everything that time period stood for. In fact, it was decreed by its creator that the park shall never age. On his death bed, he said he never wanted it repainted or updated. He didn't even want it brought up to code. At least that’s what Duncan’s boss Owen told him, but Owen is a notorious jokester.

Interests... chasing ghost crabs with Susanna, or doing anything else she wants to do.

Relationship Status... single and self-sabotaged. Susanna seems to be into him, but why did she pull back when he went in for a kiss? Not that he’s especially smooth with girls. Maybe he shouldn’t get too attached just for a summer fling anyway. Her friends have already noticed how much time she's spending with him. There's already been drama, and they haven't even become a thing yet.

Challenge... feeling lost, like many teenagers. But this summer at Water Wizz, Duncan has finally found a place where he fits in and is respected. Let’s see if Trent or his mom will somehow mess it up for him.

Personality... quiet and insecure, but he has a right to be. His mom's boyfriend asked him to rank himself on a scale from one to ten. Before waiting for an answer, Trent said Duncan was a three. Who says that to somebody?

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