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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

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Living… in the near future. Duke is a Major in the United States armed forces who stumbled into the long-standing war between the international special operations group G.I. Joe and a secretive terrorist cell called Cobra.  

Profession… decorated soldier. Duke was a Major and field operations specialist tasked with transporting precious military cargo before he attempted to gain entry into the G.I. Joe program.

Interests… proving himself to the G.I. Joe unit. His entire energy goes towards training and perfecting his combat skills. Duke is so dedicated to excelling as a soldier that his friend Ripcord jokes: “Duke wasn’t born, he was government issued!”

Relationship Status… previously engaged. Duke’s life took a complicated turn when he realized that his former fiancée was working with Cobra and plotting to take over the world. Tensions between the two rise as they clash on missions all over the globe.

Challenge… proving his worth to the G.I. Joe team while fighting the most important battle the world has ever seen. Duke must thwart Cobra’s plot to overthrow several world governments and institute their personal reign over all humanity.

Personality… dedicated and fearless. He thrives on high-energy situations. Duke feels a sense of duty to be involved wherever the most action is, no matter how dangerous the situation might be. He says, “I wanna be on the ground, in the fight. Not flying over it.” Apart from his serious commitment to training and fighting, Duke is witty and enjoys messing around with his buddy Ripcord.

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