Duane Jackson
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Duane Jackson

The Last Picture Show

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About Him

Grew Up… in the same small town he’s lived in all his life: Thalia, Texas. He enjoys the calmness of being in the same place. Change scares him to death.

Living… in a boarding house with his best friend Sonny Crawford. Duane is a fun-loving high school athlete, and by far the best on the football team. He’d like to compete with Sonny more, but Sonny doesn’t seem all that jealous of his athletic success. When it comes to girls, though, Duane ends up the jealous one.

Profession... high school student, though he’s more interested in girls and football than classes and books.

Interests… the local picture show. He loves taking his girlfriend Jacy to the movies, watching a picture until he gets bored and tries to put his hand down her shirt. His interest in relatively innocent sexual flirtation is put to the test when real sex becomes something on young Jacy’s mind.

Relationship Status… his girlfriend Jacy Farrow takes up most of his time. She’s the best-looking girl in town, and she knows it. Jacy is demanding and manipulative and starts hanging out with wealthier kids, at Duane’s expense. Duane has a lot of trouble keeping up with her, never mind keeping her under his thumb.

Challenge… winning back Jacy. She’s been flighty since she started looking for new friends. And even after it seems like he’s lost her, Duane maintains, “She’s my girl and I don’t care if we did break up. I’m gonna get her back, I’m tellin’ you right now. She’s gonna marry me one of these days, when I get a little more money.”

Personality… tough and unemotional – or at least that’s how he sees himself. Duane likes to act a lot more stoic than he really is. He gets jealous when Jacy starts seeing other guys, especially when she spends time with his best friend Sonny. Duane isn’t afraid to get in a scuffle over a girl, and he puts his own desires and need to save face above friendship and everything else.

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