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About Him

Living… under the control of an irksome child named Sette Frummagem. Duane is, currently at least, a reanimated corpse who’s being used as a spell-casting bodyguard. Not his idea, but it does seem that Sette would get lost immediately without him to lead her on the right path.

Profession… spell-wright. Duane is one of the most powerful wrights in the land, able to cast spells without even speaking. He is also a scholar, well-versed in history, poetry, foreign languages, and plenty of other things. Not that Sette appreciates any of that.

Interests… books, maps, and history. Duane is fascinated by the workings of the khert, the magical system that covers the entire land and allows him to manipulate the world around him. Any time something is unknown, Duane wants to reveal its secrets.

Relationship Status… widowed. He doesn’t want to talk about it. Anyway, he’s dead now, so romance is probably not happening anytime soon.

Challenge… swimming in challenges. First, Duane has to tolerate Sette long enough to get her where she’s going, and make sure that she’s not distracted on side trips. He has to protect both of them from the many dangerous types that they’ll encounter on their way. Mysterious slavers called the Red Berry Boys are murdering children, and might be doing something even more sinister. On top of all that, Duane doesn’t know how or why he was brought back from the dead.

Personality… intelligent, courteous, and dangerous. On the one hand, Duane Adelier is a scholar and a gentleman. On the other, he’s a dangerous zombie who loses his sanity after sundown. He’s very honorable, and can be guilty of conforming to society’s wishes too much. He is also very long-winded at times, and Sette’s worst criticism of him would probably be that he’s too boring.

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