Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in London, in the mid-1800s. Drusilla was a sweet, devout Christian, cursed or blessed with the ability to see the future. Her purity and innocence attracted the savage vampire Angelus, who made it his mission to torture her into insanity, before killing her family and turning her into a vampire.

Living… in her own world. Drusilla was insane before she became a vampire, and that hasn’t changed since. But where she used to go to church every day and obey her parents, now she loves to kill children and poke out people’s eyes.

Profession… vampire. With Angelus, his sire, and her own protégé, Spike, Drusilla was part of a terrifying squad of murder, torture, and mayhem that rampaged across the globe. Drusilla might be insane, but that doesn’t make her any less deadly.

Interests… dolls, birds, and singing. Stuck in a kind of childlike fantasy, Drusilla enjoys frilly clothing, fluffy puppies, and dancing whenever excited. Too bad she’s most excited when thinking about the end of the world. Her favorite doll is Miss Edith, who gets punished for whatever bad things Drusilla thinks she has done.

Relationship Status… complicated. Her protégé Spike is deeply in love with her, and he often serves as her caretaker, making sure she’s healthy and safe. They’ve been lovers for a long time. But Drusilla guiltlessly also sleeps with Angelus, something that tortures Spike.

Challenge… taking over the world, having fun, and eating people. Drusilla is one of the most powerful vampires of the age, and she doesn’t have a lot standing in her way. That is, until meddling vampire Slayer Buffy starts interfering with Spike and Drusilla’s plans to take over the town of Sunnydale.

Personality… strange and violent with a softer side. Drusilla is dreamy, even poetic, and her childlike glee can be endearing. She might seem like a girl made for tea parties and pretty necklaces, but beware of her. What makes Drusilla happiest is blood and organs.


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