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Drinking Buddies

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Living… a hazy life of beer and complicated relationships. Luke brews beer professionally, so beer is more than just a habit for him – it’s his life. Luke is by no means an alcoholic, and has been successful at balancing drinking with his personal and professional lives. On the other hand, balancing his relationship with his girlfriend, Jill, and with his best friend at work, Kate, is more difficult than he expected.

Profession… beer brewer at Revolution Brewing, a successful Chicago-based craft brewery. Luke love what he does, and loves the people he works with. They often go out for drinks, and sometimes his girlfriend Jill joins the fun.

Interests… beer, flirting, partying, and beach-side vacations. When Kate’s boyfriend invites them to his family’s cottage in the woods, Luke prepares himself to take a break from work and just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Jill, a pretty down-to-earth girl who wants them to get married. Luke isn’t crazy about the big M word, but he is (mostly) prepared to spend the rest of his life with her.

Challenge… retaining his relationship with his drinking buddy Kate while spending the rest of his life with Jill. His relationship with Kate becomes more difficult to balance when they go to Kate’s boyfriend’s cabin and both couples become closer than ever before – in some unintended ways.

Personality… free-spirited, fun-loving, and cool. If you put a finger in Luke’s beer, he will retaliate playfully by rubbing his fingers all over your French fries. He has a knack for making everyone feel warm and at home, and it’s not just because he’s had a few drinks.

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