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Living… life as it comes. Kate never wants to hear the words, “Grow up.” Although she’s a successful professional, working marketing for a rising Chicago brewery, Kate still has much to learn in the realms of life and love. Luckily, she has a constant stream of entertainment from her co-worker Luke. The two of them flirt and joke around so much they can be mistaken for lovers, even though they each have their own committed relationships.

Profession… marketing events representative at Revolution Brewing, a craft brewer in Chicago. Kate would rather be brewing beer, and even playfully begs Luke – the head brewer – to switch positions with her and make her phone calls while she makes the beer.

Interests… beer, vacation, and planning events – but then getting stressed out about the success of the events instead of enjoying them.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Chris. He’s a music producer who is a little older than Kate, but acts a lot older. Chris still enjoys having a good time and having a nice beer, but he looks after Kate much the same way he looks after the new “kids” in his music studio.

Challenge… sorting out her love life and professional life. It’s often difficult to separate the two worlds, and Kate usually enjoys merging them by making friends with the people she works with, especially Luke. But when both spheres come together, it’s hard for her to know how to act around everyone because she’s a completely different person when she’s alone with work friends as opposed to when it’s just her and Chris.

Personality… extroverted, playful, and flirtatious. Kate will dip her fingers in your beer just to snag a taste. She’s not afraid to show a little skin or make some bad decisions – especially if she’s had a few drinks.

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