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About Him

Living… in the Rust Belt. Drew is a proud resident of Cleveland and a proud member of the working class. He punches in, punches out, and goes home to commiserate with his best friends Lewis, Oswald, and Kate, that’s the routine. It’s a grind, but he manages to keep a positive outlook on life. “I always get screwed by the system,  he says. “That’s my place in the universe. I’m the system’s bitch.”

Profession… assistant director of personnel at Cleveland-based department store Winfred-Lauder. With his boss Mr. Bell but a voice in his speakerphone, Drew main’s office companion is his nemesis Mimi, whom he very much despises.

Interests… beer. Drew is the co-founder of Buzz Beer, a coffee-flavored caffeinated beer that he brews in his garage. He also enjoys a good rack of baby back ribs.

Relationship Status… single. It’s not ideal, but given his extended run of bad luck with the ladies, he has learned to live with it happily enough. Bachelorhood suits his personality rather well.

Challenge… working in the same office as Mimi. Mimi is a sardonic and hefty woman who refers to Drew as “Doughboy” and likes to compliment her flamboyant outfits with a thick layer of makeup. A powerful dislike exists between Drew and Mimi, partly because they are alike in many ways, and it comes equipped with prank wars, withering side-eye, and crass insults. For example: “Mimi! Your butt looks like your face!” 

Personality… social, light-hearted, and humorous. Drew lives to crack jokes. He is constantly working out his funny muscle, and as such he is a rather witty guy. He often incorporates such nerdy, references as Star Wars and Godzilla into his jokes.  All in all, he is very much a loveable loser, taking after his hometown of Cleveland that he loves so much.

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