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Dr. Savana


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Grew Up... traumatically, in upstate New York in the 1970s. Young Sivana was the victim of vicious bullying from his father and older brother. His life got even more complicated when he was briefly whisked away to the magical realm of an ancient wizard named Shazam. Shazam informed Sivana he was looking for a pure-hearted champion to inherit his magical abilities. When young Sivana failed the test, however, he was unceremoniously sent back to his regular life.

Living... to get back to Shazam’s realm. Dr. Sivana has dedicated his life finding a way to reopen a portal to Shazam’s world and claim the power he feels was unfairly denied to him.

Profession... scientist and research funder. Under the guise of studying mass hallucinations, Dr. Sivana has spent years tracking down other people who were deemed unworthy by Shazam, hoping to use details from their stories to help him reopen the portal.

Interests... getting power and then getting revenge. As he admits about himself, “One thing I have accepted is: I am not pure of heart.”

Challenge... defeating Shazam’s champion. Using his research, Dr. Sivana is eventually able to return to Shazam’s realm and take the Eye of Sin, which contains the demonic power of the Seven Deadly Sins. Though the Sins grant him phenomenal abilities, Sivana isn’t content with those alone. When he learns that a disguised Billy Batson has inherited Shazam’s powers, he sets out to steal them for himself and finally claim the destiny he feels should always have been his.

Personality... bitter and bitterly evil. Sivana’s tough childhood turned his heart to stone. He’s motivated solely by the drive to take revenge on those who wronged him. In many ways, Sivana is still stuck in childhood, unable to process his trauma and move on to a healthy adult life. He’s vicious and vindictive with no compassion or empathy, especially once the Seven Deadly Sins start to corrupt his soul even further. When asked whether he’s a supervillain, Sivana simply replies, “Worse.”

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