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Grew Up…under the name Billy. But that name doesn’t exactly shout “evil supervillain,” so Dr. Horrible only uses it when he’s undercover as a civilian. Which is most of the time.

Living… by himself, although his friend Moist drops by pretty often. His home is pretty small, and he has to go to the laundromat to do his laundry. Not that he really minds, since the beautiful Penny is also a laundromat regular. Someday he’ll manage to get the courage to talk to her.

Profession… supervillain. He has a blog where he describes his adventures as a supervillain, and talks about his latest inventions, like the Freeze Ray: “This is the one. Tell your friends.” Alas he also recaps his humiliating defeats at the hands of Captain Hammer, his nemesis.

Interests… inventing things, taking over the world. Dr. Horrible is frustrated by all the greed and lies and other bad things that he sees in the world. The only solution that he sees is to upset the status quo, “because the status is not quo.” When he’s not plotting his next scheme, he does enjoy frozen yogurt, especially if it’s with Penny.

Relationship Status… single. There’s Penny, a woman who goes to the same laundromat as he does, but he can’t talk to her. He’s tried. He just ends up making incoherent noises. Maybe someday he’ll get his act together. But even if he does, it’s possible that she’ll object to him being a supervillain.

Challenge… making it into the Evil League of Evil. Until his application is approved, he’s just a small-fry villain. But however much Dr. Horrible wants to get in, he’s not sure if he can do what’s required to see his application accepted. He admires the leader of the League, Bad Horse, but Dr. Evil got into the villain business to change the world for the better, not hurt innocents.

Personality… awkward, brilliant, and cynical. Dr. Horrible seems like your average nice-guy nerd: he’s shy around girls, sarcastic with his friends, and seems more at home online than in real life. But he’s also passionate about changing the world, mostly because he sees how much it sucks.

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