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Doug Wilson


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About Him

Living… in Agrestic, a suburban development outside of Los Angeles. Doug is an avowed pothead who laments that California law only lets him buy a pound of medical marijuana a day.

Profession… accountant and Agrestic councilman. He also assists his friend Nancy Botwin’s brand new weed distribution enterprise, expanding her clientele and setting her up with a bakery as a laundering front.

Relationship Status… married to his wife, Dana, with whom he has four children, Josh, Jesse, Julie, and Jennifer. Doug and Dana started dating in high school and have been married for 25 years. Doug’s love for Dana is still strong but he wishes their relationship was still as physical as it once was. She abstains from sex with Doug because she says she “may be a lesbian.”

Interests… ethnic food, serenading strangers on banjo, and trains. As a boy, he dreamed of becoming a train conductor.

Challenge… fending off Celia Hodes in the election for his seat on the city council. Though he’s the incumbent, Doug hires Celia’s husband Dean to be his lawyer. No, Dean doesn’t rig the election for his wife – he simply forgets to file a ballot petition for Doug, the guy he really wants to win.

Personality… unprofessional, vulgar, and irresponsible. Doug is a synesthetic who sees numbers as color, and has been puffing the magic dragon ever since his college days at SMU. He is rarely sober, and maintains the pretense of being a functional stoner, though “functional” is generous.

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