Doug Holt
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Doug Holt

Inventing the Abbotts

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About Him

Living… in Haley, Illinois, but he wants to move to Philadelphia. His brother J.C. doesn't want Doug to move there, though. Jacey says it will just remind Doug of how they come from Hicksville, U.S.A. Their family is from the wrong side of the tracks, and that won’t change even in a big city.

Profession… student. Doug admires his big brother, J.C., who lives it up, hanging around with the wealthy Abbott family. So Doug hangs out with the Abbotts too, even though Mr. Abbott took everything from the Holt brothers’ father, after he lost a bet.

Interests… getting back at the Abbotts. Doug and J.C, might think that their father was an idiot, but that doesn’t mean he deserved to lose everything to Mr. Abbott. So now, J.C. has concocted a plan to get back at him by seducing his three beautiful daughters. Doug is planning to help too.

Relationship Status… pining for Pamela. He was supposed to seduce her just to get back at Mr. Abbott, but he actually has feelings for her. She seems to love him back, but it might be too late now. He was too much of a blockhead to notice she felt the same away about him all along – and now he’s messed up things with her family.

Challenge… breaking away from this town and his family history.  Doug needs to become his own person. As he puts it, “I should live my own life. Stop being J.C.'s shadow. I'm not like J.C. I don't want to be like him.” His father might have messed up, but there’s no reason for Doug to be a failure.

Personality… cool. As he puts it, “Because I know all the answers on 'The $64,000 Question,' because I have X-ray vision and I can sing better than Pat Boone.” He tries not to buy into the beautiful illusion of the wealthy Abbotts, and his critical eye might lead him, finally, to happiness.

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